NOW Medical Staffing understands that your contribution to the healthcare service requires hard work and dedication for many of our clinical and Allied staff, so we have been working hard to develop appropriate means of support that fit around our their requirements and lifestyles. Here are a few short tips that we hope will help you remain compliant:

Who is meant to Support me?

Did you know that at your current assignment of work, the employer can support you with your annual appraisal and the completion of your NMC Revalidation?  The benefits of completing your Portfolio with your current assigned placement can support with appraisals and potential career development opportunities, so take advantage at your current place of work.

What is NOW Medical Staffing doing to Support me?

Revalidation is an evaluation of your fitness to practise. Every licensed professional who practises in the UK must revalidate to show they are up to date and fit to practise. The way you revalidate will depend on your revalidation connection type.

This process:

  • Supports doctors and nurses in regularly reflecting on how they can develop or improve their practice
  • Support with annual appraisals
  • Mandatory training and guidance to promote improved quality of care which is improvements in clinical governance.

Not sure when you are due to update your registration?

You can check your registration by logging into your GMC/NMC online account.  If you have not yet registered for an online account please do so.  Once you have logged in you will see your:

  • GMC Registration/NMC PIN number
  • Fee expiry date
  • Renewal date – your renewal date is your re-registration date.

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